AI for Accessibility

In teams of 2-4, show us how Artificial Intelligence can be used to create a more accessible world.


We have broken this challenge down into 6 accessibility categories. Your team can select one or multiple categories to address. Here are some questions to consider for this challenge:
How can technology evolve sign-language interpretation? 
How can technology and AI improve built constructs for improved navigation and usability? 
Mental Health 
How can AI reduce stigma and support individuals seeking help? 
How can technology and AI be leveraged to optimize accessible travel? 
What improvements can be made for people with high incidence disabilities? 
Where can technology support individuals with learning needs as they transition into the workplace? 
Consider the following barriers to accessibility:
  • Attitudinal 
  • Organizational / Systemic 
  • Physical 
  • Informational / Communications 
  • Technology