Future of Work

In teams of 2-4 you can envision the Future of Work and the technology used to make it happen


The 4 P’s

We have broken this challenge down into 4 main categories and here are some questions to consider for this challenge:



  • How is talent sourced, interviewed, onboarded, managed and retained?
  • How are employees rewarded?
  • How is employee well-being managed?
  • How is employee engagement and workplace culture managed?
  • How is diversity, inclusion and accessibility cultivated and managed?


  • Where do people work? 
  • Are there offices? What do they look like? Where are they located?
  • What do the inside of the offices look like-how do people gather, meet and work independently?
  • Is there a hybrid work model? What does that consist of?
  • Are there remote workspaces? Where? How do they function?



  • How does the workplace of tomorrow operate?
  • When do employees work? 
  • What is flexible, what is not?
  • What technology, communication and collaboration tools are needed and why?
  • How are teams educated and trained?
  • How are their career paths managed?



  • What does the working from home policy look like?
  • Are there family, education, social and mental health policies?
  • What does the vacation and time off policy look like? 
  • Are there safety policies?