Sports Innovation

Compete for gold in sports tech innovation.

Sports Innovation Student Challenge

Ready to redefine the future of sports through technology? TECHNATION’s Sports Innovation student challenge is your opportunity to showcase your creativity, technical prowess and passion for the world of sports. Technology has long been intertwined with the sports world, enhancing the experiences of players, coaches, analysts, and fans alike. From immersive VR experiences to real-time gameplay animations and instant statistical insights, the question arises: what's the next frontier in sports tech? 


Your mission is to envision an innovative way in which technology can elevate the sports experience. At the virtual kickoff event, we'll unveil the challenge categories, which could range from enhancing fan engagement to leveraging AI for advanced analytics. Your team will select one or more categories to focus on and then have just 2 days to develop your concept. The top 5 teams will earn the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges at a live virtual event to compete for the win. 


Collaborate with like-minded peers for your chance to win fantastic prizes and earn the attention of industry professionals. Be part of the sports tech revolution – get your team ready and let your creative ideas transform the way we experience sports! 

Win BIG Prizes!


The top 3 teams will receive:


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for each team member


for each team member


for each team member